Eunice Delaquis is passionate about design and the creative field as a whole. She is originally from Ghana, in West Africa, was reared in an artistic family, and has traveled widely, all of which has been influential in her multicultural and multifaceted design aesthetic and creative growth.

Delaquis earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design in Ghana and a Master of Fine Arts from Ohio University, where she taught for three years. Delaquis went on to work in the design industry, beginning as a junior graphic designer and working her way up to a senior graphic designer role within a seven-year span. She has also given several design presentations in Ghana and South Africa, where she was awarded the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Design Achievers Award.

Delaquis conducted extensive research on the Adinkra symbols of Ghana as an ideographic writing system and its ties to modern art and design, authoring Adinkra: Re-reading a discourse within a discourse. Delaquis’s passion lies in teaching and mentoring design students to achieve a level of high excellence so as to expand their contribution to the creative field.