Jessie Horning

Adjunct Faculty
CORE Studies
History of Art & Visual Culture

United States

Jessie Horning, who studied at Kutztown University, Bucknell University, and Ohio State University has worked in fine arts since 2009, developing a specialty in drawing and printmaking. Jessie earned her undergraduate degree from Kutztown University and her graduate degree from Ohio State University.

Jessie has been a lecturer at Columbus College of Art & Design since 2017 and has taught such classes as Introduction to Intaglio and Relief Printmaking, Introduction to Screenprinting and Lithography, 2D Design, and Beginning Drawing. Jessie currently teaches History of Illustration. Jessie's professional recognition includes a University Fellowship from OSU, and a Post-Baccalaureate Graduate Assistantship in Printmaking from Bucknell University. Learn more about Jessie online: