John Youger teaches Industrial Design Studio, Design Methodologies, and Advanced Consumer Insights & Synthesis. Prior to coming to CCAD, Youger worked for more than 20 years in product design, including working for such organizations as Fitch, Lextant, Resource, and WD Partners, as well as an Independent Consultant. Currently, he is a partner at PINE | Strategy & Design.

Youger’s areas of expertise include product development, brand strategy, shopper insights, packaging and consumer goods, retail design, and customer experience. He has worked with several Fortune 100 clients, including Microsoft, Starbucks, Intel, Procter & Gamble, and Home Depot. His key insight and strategy specialties include co-creation methodologies, ethnography, design thinking, and customer experience. Youger is the recipient of CCAD’s 2017 Teaching Excellence Award. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University in 1997.