Katheryn Fisher

Adjunct Faculty
CORE Studies

United States

Katheryn Fisher, more commonly known as ¡Katie B Funk!, earned her BFA from Saint Mary’s College in northern Indiana, concentrating in ceramics. During undergrad, she was able to gain gallery work experience on campus, as well as assist with the maintenance of various studios. Relocating to Columbus, Ohio, her MFA was earned right here at Columbus College of Art & Design, where her work shifted gears toward large-scale installation and photo-collage. During her graduate tenure, Katie was able to continue honing her gallery skills through the Graduate Assistant position, as well as craft her classroom skills as a Teaching Assistant that merited a Certificate in College Art Instruction upon graduation. Katie was also CCAD’s first graduate student to become a Resident Advisor in campus housing, earning the peer-nominated award “Resident Advisor of the Year” in Design Square Apartments.

Katie began teaching at Columbus College of Art & Design in August 2018. She has taught under the CORE Studies Department, as well as Comics & Narrative Practice and Illustration. She has been a part of numerous exhibitions, including ROY G BIV, Dayton Society of Artists, FOTOFOCUS, and more. You can learn more about her and her work at www.katiebfunk.com - as well as follow her on Instagram @cheeseburger_gestalt for more.