Maria Stanton

Design Director Hair Care: Branding, Retail Environments and Digital at Procter & Gamble
MPS Retail Design Advisory Board

United States

Maria brings 20 years of real world design experience and views her career as a treasure of continuous learning.  Her professional path began as an Interior Design student at the Cleveland Institute of Art and has garnered skills from Design Forum, where she sharpened her drawing and design expertise to gaining experience in consumer packaged goods at Benchmark to WD Partners, where she learned the art of managing others. She has also taught Retail Design and Portfolio Studies at Miami University of Ohio. Maria is passionate about design, sharing her knowledge, and shaping the future retail designers.   

Maria now broadens her design prowess at Procter & Gamble, leveraging the ‘business of design’ in the beauty industry in retail. She leads an array of work in retail, e-commerce, digital, social, branding, packaging, and events.  With all projects, Maria starts with setting up the strategic framework, builds in design thinking and always ends with an eye for executing with excellence.  Her true love is jumping with external agencies and internal multi-functional partners to roll up her sleeves and creatively collaborate. 

When she’s not directing a photoshoot or building a new visual identity for a brand, Maria is focused on health and wellness, raising her two basenji pups, and building a new house in her home state of Ohio.