Michael Kellner

Director of CORE Studies
CORE Studies
Master of Fine Arts

United States

Michael Kellner received his BFA from the University of Louisville, his MFA from the University of Cincinnati, and his Ph.D. from the Ohio State University. He has taught at a variety of institutions, teaching everything on the spectrum from foundations level courses to graduate seminars. As part of his creative research, he makes drawings and sound pieces by pulling apart the written scores of J.S. Bach and then putting them back together in systematic ways. He is inspired by iterative practices, graphic notation, and contemporary pop and avant-garde music. Additionally, he researches in the areas of care ethics, perception, and creativity, striving to not only think about what it means to bring something new into the world but under what conditions the new is allowed to flourish. Michael also serves as the Editor for the academic journal FATE (Foundations in Art: Theory and Education) in Review since 2021.

Michael began teaching at CCAD in the fall of 2019. Currently, his teaching appointment has him working with students in Visual Literacy 1 and 2 and in graduate seminars focusing on theoretical approaches to the studio and creative production. If you would like to learn more about his work, exhibition history, and courses taught, please visit: michaelkellnerart.com.