Therese Mccann

Adjunct Faculty
MPS Retail Design Advisory Board

Hybrid, Loann Crane Center for Design, Floor 3, Room 302
United States

Therese is a strong conceptual thinker and accomplished brand creative leader with 20 years of experience. Her practice leading Fortune 50/500 brands and shape-shifting retail design projects has brought her across 10 countries and 21 retail sectors where she has influenced 40+ brands.

Her background includes leading creative VM for both agency and brand, giving her the purview of both consultant and client. This unique perspective offers each engaged project with a more plural approach – a thinking from all sides – ultimately providing a creative and sustainable solution.

Therese approaches all projects with a strategic lens, attaching each recommended solution to a larger, culturally relevant and branded framework. Her love of and scholarship in contemporary African art and propensity for international travel give her a world view that informs each decision.

Her expertise includes creative direction, brand development, visual merchandising, styling, and curation. Therese has her BA and MA in Art History from The Ohio State University.