CCAD and Film Columbus announce winners of teen screenwriting contest

May 30, 2019

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Columbus College of Art & Design and the Greater Columbus Film Commission are pleased to partner to announce the three winners of the 2019 Teen Screenwriting Competition.

The free, two-part screenwriting contest hosted by CCAD’s Continuing & Professional Studies department was designed to teach young people about filmmaking in central Ohio. It was open to students ages 1318 in February 2019.

A group of industry professionals selected the three unranked winners, who will get to attend the new three-week CCAD Film & Video Camp June 3–21 and see their scripts turn into short, 3–5-minute movies. Those movies, in turn, will make their debut during the Film Festival of Columbus, which takes place Sept. 11–14, 2019, at venues across central Ohio.

The winning scripts are:

  • Vivid by Isabella Cameron, a 16-year-old student at Norwalk High School
  • Trial 31 by Francesca Lanese, a 15-year-old student at Grove City High School
  • Take a Chance by Marie Ackley, a 15-year-old homeschool student from West Liberty, Ohio

The scripts cover a variety of topics and themes and impressed the judges, including CCAD Film & Video Chair Nella Citino, Greater Columbus Film Commission Executive Director John Daugherty, and Ohio Film Group President and CCAD Trustee Len Hartman.

In Take a Chance, Ackley takes a playful look at synchronicity as two characters meet accidentally on the street even as they are heading to the same destination. Trial 31 by Lanese is a modern-day Pygmalion story that follows characters through an ordinary “hangout” which appears to be a typical awkward teenage date to a surprising conclusion. And Cameron’s Vivid looks at how young people receive coded messages from adults to conform—and how they can help inspire each other to appreciate their individualism.

“We were really impressed by the students’ scripts, and we’re looking forward to see how the films unfold in the CCAD Film & Video Camp,” says Daugherty, Executive Director of the Greater Columbus Film Commission, which is also known as Film Columbus. “Film Columbus is dedicated to showing Columbus as a leader in film exhibition, production, and education. And we’re thrilled to partner with Columbus College of Art & Design (known for its top-notch Film & Video program and innovative Continuing & Professional Studies programming) to help educate more young Ohioans about filmmaking.”

Christine Hill, Director of CCAD’s Continuing & Professional Studies department, says the filmmaking contest and Film & Video Camp are great ways to get more young people interested in filmmaking in central Ohio.

“At Columbus College of Art & Design, we’re committed to bringing art and design to young people, and we’re excited to work with Film Columbus to encourage students to explore the growing film and video industry in central Ohio,” says Hill.

The CCAD Film & Video Camp, which explores the nuts and bolts of filmmaking (from pre-production and set design to filming and post-production work), is free to attend for the contest winners. Other students ages 1318 can sign up for one, two, or three weeks for $200, $350, or $525 respectively at

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