Back in the Day...This is the 1970s! | ARTH 3050: The Aesthetics of Everyday Life

Justice Chafin, Earl Childress, Catherine Lastowka, Joseph, Marcus, Emily Nichols, Marco Satalia, Ratha Seng, Nic Specht

This zine is a time capsule which explores the aesthetic zeitgeist of everyday life in the U.S. during the 1970s.

The conceptualization and development of the zine is structured by the students' research of the main pillars of commercial art and design – graphic art and design and commercial illustration, fashion, industrial and product design, and architectural and interior design.

The students collaboratively conducted the research on the subject matter contained in the zine as well as design the zine itself – the color schemes, the layout, the style, the logos, and the overall formatting of the zine as an homage artifact in-its-own-right.

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