Class of 2020


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Artist Statement
I am an artist whose paintings illuminate mental illness, trauma, and existential anxiety, and exemplify how the psyche distorts our perception of reality. Grotesque figures with bulging bloodshot eyes and exposed bones and viscera embody an inner state of consciousness. These distressed bodies inhabit eerie environments; doors that lead nowhere, disembodied eyes peering into windows, and checkerboard floors that break the rules of perspective are all indicative of the illusion. These surreal displays emphasize that what we perceive of the world is a reflection of our unconscious mind. I use a palette of saturated pinks and greens to produce a simultaneous contrast that bounces between cheerful and abrasive. These inviting neons can be found in cartoons and children’s toys, but because of the alarming subject matter, they generate an atmosphere of anxiety. Cartoon tropes like x-ray bones and eyes popping from their sockets add a playfulness to the work, while cadavers and entrails exhibit the misery of mental illness and existential dread. Through combining morbid themes and zany visuals, my paintings evoke a cynical humor that serves as a relatable outlet for those who are suffering from the human condition