Class of 2020

Instagram: @elainaworkley 

See the full project by clicking here: Elaina's Zine

Artist Statement 
I am a printmaker whose work manifests the behavior of memory over time by layering and manipulation of remembered phenomena. Using imagery taken from daily life​—s​ uch as morning shadows and frozen winter gardens​—I​ digitally edit, weave, and collage these drawings and photographs to assemble prints that materialize as faulty and ambiguous recollections. Fleeting moments fade into faint memories as I force the ever delicate past to be relived and recalled– stretching a minute detail into a distorted visual rhythm of threadbare remembering. Natural forms such as plant life, water, and the moon recur, muddy yet decipherable. When layered with abstracted textures and fragmented imprints of space the prints fabricate a visual imitation of what once was. Like a reflection, the remembered imagery, as unreliable as memory becomes only an echo of time.