Class of 2020

Artist Statement 
I am a sculptor and installation artist whose work denaturalizes habitual ways of seeing by celebrating overlooked moments in architecture and space. Choosing objects commonly found in interiors, like power outlets, or locations that are overlooked, like museum utility closets, I recontextualize them through the process of recreating, casting, or drawing three dimensionally. I then select material such as bronze, fiber, or glass for how they broadcast the aesthetic and historical qualities of these sites. By building an air duct out of porcelain and placing it in a gallery, or casting the negative space of a crumbling brick wall in felted human hair, material and place intersect to reference unconventional beauty. My work is primarily black, white, or muted in color like the environments that surround us. This quiet color palette asks viewers to draw close to my work, to spend time recognizing the familiar details that commonly get lost under coats of white wall paint or concealed in the gallery stairwell, a result of the Western ideal to hide what I desire to magnify.