Class of 2020

Artist Statement
I am a sculptor whose work explores the perception and abstraction of organism's physiological functionsin nature. Whether creating functional ceramics for everyday life, or large-scale installations, my work concentrates on the technique of sculpting clay, striking of fibers, stretching of glass, and bending of wire. In doing this, I re-enforce observations found in excursions taken in preserved natural environments and material collection of found organic objects. I use the process of Raku Firing on ceramic components to provide a raw mark impression inspired by organic systems I’ve discovered in my observation and research. Using shadow and lighting as a natural way to enhance the spatial awareness of each piece, I create an immersive environment that can alter a viewer’s biological perspective. I view the body as an organism that can become one within where it is placed. Nature and the body can be related through the perception of morphing in a patterned cycle of physical, emotional, or mental activities.