Red Wheelbarrow: The Podcast

Celebrating the winners of CCAD's 5th Annual Creative Writing Awards, outstanding Creative Writing seniors, and the new issue of Botticelli.

Podcast by: Annalise Barber, Seven Bury, Hay Mulholland, Jenna Ronto, Amber Struble, Elaina Workley

Red Wheelbarrow: The Podcast


00:00 William Carlos Williams, "The Red Wheelbarrow"
Chapter One
02:39 Hay Mulholland, "Distant Heavens"
08:08 Interview w/Hay Mulholland
11:58 Annalise Barber, "Mixed"
Chapter Two
17:31 Jenna Ronto, "Just a Passing Place"
21:31 Interview w/Jenna Ronto
24:53 Seven Bury, "Ruth" and "Thin Walls"
26:35 Amber Struble, "Much Needed Break"
Chapter Three
33:06 Interview with Sophia Kartsonis
41:45 Elaina Workley, "Suppose My Name Was Your Neighbor"
44:47 Lesley Jenike, "Outsider Art" by Cynthia Arrieu-King
Chapter Four
48:40 Amber Struble, Screampark
52:39 Interview w/Amber Struble
58:30 Joshua Butts, "The Red Wheelbarrow"


Our deepest thanks to the students who contributed to the podcast. Many thanks also to Bob Redfield and Mary Yerina for their dedicated support for Red Wheelbarrow and the Creative Writing Awards Series. Thank you to this year's judges of the awards: Jen Town, Christopher Coake, and Paige Webb. Thank you to Sophia Kartsonis, Lesley Jenike, and Joshua Butts for their contributions. Many thanks to CCAD Marketing and Communications.

William Carlos Williams, "The Red Wheelbarrow." Read at the Library of Congress, May 1945. Distributed by PennSound for noncommercial and educational use only. © 2013 by the estates of William Eric Williams and Paul H. Williams. For more information, visit Penn Sound.

Student Bios

As a creative who explores many routes within the arts, Annalise Barber is chiefly a writer and an illustrator.

Seven Bury is an Afro-Latinx poet and kid lit illustrator who explores the thematics of intergenerational trauma, collective memory, and the blurs of gender conventions.

Hay Mulholland is a Comics and Narrative Practice junior with a minor in Creative Writing. They have discovered a passion for poetry only recently, and hope to integrate it with their comics and prose in the future.

Jenna Ronto is a sophomore Comics and Narrative Practice major from Washington, Pennsylvania.

Amber Struble is a junior animation student who spends a large chunk of her time either writing or brainstorming things that she swears she’ll one day sit down and write about (she won’t).

Elaina Workley, a CCAD 2020 graduate, has had her layered and ambiguous meanderings, also known as her writing, published in Botticelli Literary Magazine where she served as Editor-in Chief, but now you can find her singing to her cat, figuring out how to do printmaking at home, and avoiding her beloved sci-fi novels because they're nonfiction now.