Autumn Cadle

The human relationship to land is one that is both largely negative and complex. This relationship prompted me to examine my own interaction with soil and plants. I began by transporting large amounts of soil to my interior studio space and to experiment with, install, and grow the weeds in an interior space. Gradually, I began forming the soil into three-dimensional geometric forms that resided on the floor. The final form became Soil Rows, which consisted of four parallel rows of freestanding soil that have a volume of 8’x4”x8” with 2’ between each row. The rows directly reference the garden or crop row. The piece was a durational sculpture that would be cared for and propagated over the span of the exhibition. I would be the sole caretaker tasked with watering and providing light so the dormant seeds already held in the soil would grow. The work addresses context, labor, and care.

Works: Soil Rows