Commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

CCAD is a place for people like you. 

People who think differently. People who refuse to stay within a box, stereotype, line, or any other boundary that restricts self-expression. Diversity moves art forward. Diversity makes our connected community even stronger.

CCAD Diversity Statement

CCAD's diversity statement

CCAD defines diversity as a collection of differences in human expressions, life experiences, and personal characteristics present among individuals and groups. These elements, in sum and in part, enrich our campus community and the larger world. The dimensions of diversity include, but are not limited to, age, culture, ethnicity, gender identification and presentation, geographical location, language, nationality, physical and cognitive abilities/qualities, political views, race, religion/spirituality, sexual orientation and preference, and socioeconomic status. This definition informs and guides our curriculum, programs, and conduct as we strive for greater understanding and true celebration of our human community.

Student organizations widen your horizons and help you network.


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(That’s our formal way of saying they connect you with stuff to try and friends to meet.)

Ways to get involved:

Advertising & Graphic Design
Student Collective
Animation Student Collective
Asian/Asian-American Student Association (AAASA)
Basketball Club—CCAD Owls
Battle Games Alliance
Black Student Leadership Association
CCAD Spinecrackers Book Club
Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO)
Comics Collective (COCO)

Fashion Student Organization
Game Development Guild
Glass Club
Illustration Student Collective
Industrial Design Student Collective
International Students Association
Jewelry Club
Queer Alliance
Student Government Association
Student Programming Board

This isn’t even the entire list. If, when you pick up the full list from our Student Engagement Office, the organization you were hoping to see isn’t on there, you can totally start it.

Ways that CCAD strives to live by its commitments to equity and inclusion, "making inclusivity the new norm":

  • Gender-inclusive bathrooms — In reflection of CCAD's diverse population, the college has gender-inclusive restroom facilities are available in every building on our campus.
  • Preferred name policy — Students can identify their preferred name in the student information system (Self Service) and Go Studio and have that name be viewable on some school documents and records, such as class rosters and student ID cards.
  • Counseling & Wellness Center — The CWC contributes to students' professional and interpersonal success by providing student-centered therapeutic, programmatic, and educational services. 
  • First Female President — Dr. Melanie Corn became CCAD's President in 2016. She is the college's fifth president and the first woman to hold this role at CCAD.
  • Special Topics courses —  With study on issues such as Human Trafficking, Special Topics courses provide students the opportunity to use art and design to support social change in and out of the classroom
  • Support Services  — A span of services are available to CCAD students, including multicultural affairs programming, academic advising, and career services.
  • Engagement and Inclusion Retreat — The Engagement and Inclusion retreat provides an opportunity for students, staff, and faculty to develop leadership skills that will help them to positively address issues of diversity and promote social change through a combination of large and small group activities, exercises, and discussions.
  • Heritage monthly poster campaigns — This series of poster campaigns celebrates and highlights artists and designers from underrepresented populations

Students & alumni get involved