Comics & Narrative Practice major

Write, illustrate, and publish your own sequential art.

Comics & Narrative Practice is our groundbreaking program devoted to telling stories with words and images. You’ll create original comics and graphic novels and learn how to shape narrative elements and invent signature styles, stories, and characters. You’ll also meet with top industry practitioners and immerse yourself in the profession, culture, and art of comics as you gain practical experience with story pitches, prepress, budgeting, and marketing. (It doesn’t hurt that we host speakers from Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, or CXC, on campus.)

Our graduates can go on to work as independent artists, writers, publishers, comics illustrators, colorists, letterers, storyboard artists, and character developers for comics, animation, gaming, and toys. 

Check out the Printing Lab in Kinney Hall, where you’ll bring your comics to life

Launch Experience


You'll have access to:

  • 3D illustration lab with small and large-scale sculpting, molding, and casting equipment

  • 2D illustration lab with scanners, black and white and color printers, drawing tables, open lounge space, Cintiq monitors, light table, drawing projectors, drawing tables, cutting table, mat cutter, cameras, and a cleaning sink

  • Computer lab with Cintiq monitors, ZBrush, and Adobe software 

  • Access to printmaking lab and equipment

  • Access to FabLab that includes 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machine, and spray booths


Character developer

Comics illustrator

Storyboard artist

Recent employers

Cartoon Network 
DC Comics 
Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media
DreamWorks Animation

Image Comics 
Marvel Comics 

Milkfed Criminal Masterminds 
Sony Pictures 


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Credit hours

Program Requirements60
CORE Studio Requirements21
CORE Liberal Arts Requirements39

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Course information

Check out the Comic Writing Degree's course requirements.


Chair of Comics and Narrative Practice
Comics & Narrative Practice
Associate Professor
Comics & Narrative Practice
Assistant Professor
Comics & Narrative Practice
Adjunct Faculty
Comics & Narrative Practice
Adjunct Faculty
Comics & Narrative Practice
Adjunct Faculty
Comics & Narrative Practice
Adjunct Faculty
Comics & Narrative Practice
Adjunct Faculty
Comics & Narrative Practice


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