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It’s about the work. But it’s also about how you look at the world. To be a successful artist or designer in today’s culture, you have to be professional, multifaceted and adaptable. Your education at CCAD means gaining the technical skills to hone your craft while learning how to think critically and conceptually. Along with your major courses, you'll also explore writing, literature, philosophy, business, art and design history, social science, physical science and math. CORE Liberal Arts coursework complements and supports our college’s art and design programs by broadening your understanding of what it means to be an art student. Starting in your first year, CORE Liberal Arts courses encourage you to engage with your world intellectually, philosophically and culturally.


CORE Studio provides robust interdisciplinary experience in a broad array of digital applications, traditional and hybrid media and experimental processes. Designed to complement your work within your area of specialization, CORE ensures that you’ll collaborate with students from other majors. First-year courses develop essential software skills through practice in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. You'll also take intro courses dedicated your major, emphasizing studio practice through project research in both historical and contemporary contexts.

After the first year, CORE concentrates on technical studies (second year), conceptual studies (third year) and professional studies (fourth year).

Student and alumni works

  • Halle D'Amico, Fine Arts, Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).
    Drawing methods diptych
    Fine Arts
  • Wire People
    Fine Arts
  • Madeline Prindle, Female Face Anatomy Study, Fine Arts, Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).
    Female Face Anatomy Study
    Fine Arts
  • Sol Lewitt Drawing, Fine Arts, Drawing Methods Class, Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).
    Sol LeWitt Drawing
    Fine Arts
  • Sydney Hulett, 2D to 3D Wearable Art, Fine Arts, Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).
    2D to 3D Wearable Art
    Fine Arts

CORE's required first-year studio courses:

  • CORE 100X — New Student Seminar
  • CORE 1110 — Drawing Methods I
  • CORE 1120 — Visual Literacy I
  • CORE 1221 — Visual Literacy II
  • CORE 1030 SOSA — Studio Art and Entrepreneurship or CORE 1031 SODA — Collaboration Across the Design Arts


Upper-level CORE courses:

New upper-level CORE Studio courses vary each semester and are continuously being developed. Current course offerings include Digital Photography, Surface and Pattern Design, Experimental Animation, Landscape Painting and Portrait Drawing. For a complete list of all upper-level CORE classes with individual course descriptions, see the undergraduate course catalog at Self Service.


CORE Honors is a competitive program that allows you to assume a leadership role in the creative and intellectual life of CCAD. Components include special topic courses, individualized mentoring and interaction with visiting artists and industry professionals.

What you do:

  • apply your freshman or sophomore year
  • maintain a GPA of at least 3.5
  • complete nine hours of honors coursework
  • complete six credits of an honors special project and an honors capstone

What you get:

  • early registration for classes
  • unique opportunities to engage with other students across majors
  • special recognition at commencement
  • honors designation on transcripts
CORE Studio at Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) is designed to complement students' studies.



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