Product Design major

Make designs that improve lives. 

You’ll discover problems and create solutions in our Product Design program. Collaborative projects with peers, faculty, and clients like Honda and Nationwide are the norm. Our designers are inventors, innovators, and game changers, and we’re all about making the world a better place. We help nonprofits design new goods for kids and adults in need, and we re-imagine and execute the design of everything from boats and bicycles to shoes, water bottles, and other everyday products. 

Our graduates leave with a professional mindset that can be applied across industries, from helping companies understand their future customers through our design research minor to bringing new ideas to fruition in consumer electronics, medical devices, retail and trade displays, sporting goods, soft good, and shoe industries. 

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You'll have access to:

  • The Tad Jeffrey FabLab, which includes CNC machining equipment, a CNC wire bender, laser cutters (including a laser cutter that’s one of the largest in Ohio), large-format 3D printers, two small and one large walk-in spray booth, and vacuum formers 

  • A fabrication shop where you can construct models in wood, plastic, foam, and metal and use pressure tanks to create silicone molds 

  • A woodshop for furniture-making and model work, including tools to drill, cut, and plane a variety of materials, from wood to high-density foam 



CCAD’s problem-solving approach to product design prepares grads for complex issues in the global marketplace. Their education allows them to take on a host of different positions across industries. As natural problem-solvers, product designers find themselves in all facets of today’s marketplace.

Commercial equipment designer
Consumer electronics designer
Furniture designer
Garment designer
Housewares designer
Industrial tool designer

Interaction designer
Medical device designer
Personal products designer
Retail display designer
Shoe designer
Sports equipment designer

Toy designer
Trade exhibit designer
User experience designer
User interface designer
Vehicle designer

Recent employers

Aerosport Modeling and Design 
Axium Plastics 
Chemical Abstracts 
Creative Mobile Interiors 
DC Comics 

First Build 
Gulfstream Aerospace 

Little Tikes 
Procter & Gamble 
Stanley Black & Decker 
Whirlpool Corporation 
Wilson Athletics 


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Credit hours

Program Requirements60
CORE Studio Requirements18
CORE Liberal Arts Requirements42

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Product Design
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Product Design
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