Comics and Narrative Practice curriculum guide

Comics and Narrative Practice


Year I
ARTH1132 Modern to Contemporary Art and Design 3.0
CORE1020 Intro to Comics and Narrative Practice 6.0
CORE1030 SOSA Studio Art and Entrepreneurship 3.0
CORE1110 Drawing Methods 3.0
CORE1120 Visual Literacy I 3.0
CORE1213 Introd to Drawing for Entertainment Des 3.0
CORE1221 Visual Literacy II 3.0
LIBA1290 Writing and the Arts 3.0
LIBA3263 Writing Fiction 3.0
Year II
ARTH1133 Historical Art and Design 3.0
COMC3041 Comics and Narrative Illustration I 6.0
CORE2291 Digital Design Lab I 3.0
ILLU2040 Illustration Composition Perspec Draw 3.0
ILLU2031 Character and Environment Designs 3.0
ILLU2101 Traditional Media Illustration 3.0
ILLU2105 Digital Media Illustration 3.0
ILLU3131 Comic Book Illustration 3.0
LIBA1510 Introduction to Philosophy 3.0
LIBA3304 Literature Comics Graphic Novels 3.0
Year III
COMC3042 Comics and Narrat Illustration II 6.0
ILLU3012 Illustration Markets 3.0
ILLU3031 Advanced Drawing Entertainment Design 3.0
LIBA4260 Advanced Creative Writing Workshop 3.0
ANIM/CORE/ILLUXXXX Motion Elective 3.0
ILLUXXXX Illustration Elective 3.0
LIBAXXXX Science Elective   3.0
LIBAXXXX Social Science Elective 3.0
Art/Design Elective 3.0
Year IV
COMC4010 Capstone I 3.0
COMC4020 Capstone II 6.0
CORE4120 Self Publishg and Creative Practice 3.0
ILLU4020 Self Promotion for Illustrators 3.0
LIBA2802 Business Math for Artists and Designers 3.0
LIBA4390 Narratology 3.0
ARTHXXXX Advanced Art History Elective 3.0
Art/Design Elective 3.0
Art/Design Elective 3.0
Total credit hours 120.0