Fashion Design curriculum guide


Fashion Design


Year I
ARTH1132Modern to Contemporary Art and Design3.0
CORE1017Introduction to Fashion Design 3.0
CORE1027Introduction to Fashion Design II6.0
CORE1031SODA Collaboration Across the Design3.0
CORE1110Drawing Methods3.0
CORE1120Visual Literacy I 3.0
CORE1221Visual Literacy II3.0
LIBA1290Writing and the Arts3.0
LIBA2802Business Math for Artists and Designers3.0
Year II
ARTH1133Historical Art and Design3.0
CORE2220Pattern Design Digital and Surface3.0
FASH2101Fashion Construction Techniques3.0
FASH2201Beginning Pattern Drafting3.0
FASH2301Fashion Illustration I3.0
FASH2401Computer Aided Fashion Design3.0
FASH3502Studio Surface Design3.0
LIBA2204Introduction to Professional Writing3.0
LIBAXXXX Social Science Elective 3.0
Year III
CORE4666SODA Professional Practice3.0
FASH3202Advanced Pattern3.0
FASH3302Fashion Layout and Design3.0
FASH3305Design Strategies for Fashion Design3.0
FASH3402Fashion Computer Techniques3.0
LIBA1510Introduction to Philosophy3.0
ARTHXXXX Advanced Art History Elective 3.0
LIBAXXXX Science Elective 3.0
Year IV
FASH4104Collection I3.0
FASH4105Collection II3.0
FASH4304Fashion Design Portfolio3.0
FASH4103Specialty Construction3.0
FASH4666Fashion Design Internship3.0
LIBAXXXX Business Elective 3.0
LIBAXXXX Literature Elective 3.0
LIBAXXXX Liberal Arts Elective 3.0
LIBAXXXX Liberal Arts Elective 3.0
Art/Design Elective 3.0
Art/Design Elective 3.0
Total credit hours 120.0