Interior Architecture & Design curriculum guide

Interior Design


Year I
ARTH1132 Modern to Contemporary Art and Design 3.0
CORE1023 Introduction to Interior Design 6.0
CORE1031 SODA Collaboration Across the Design 3.0
CORE1110 Drawing Methods 3.0
CORE1120 Visual Literacy I 3.0
CORE1211 Drawing for Design 3.0
CORE1221 Visual Literacy II 3.0
LIBA1290 Writing and the Arts 3.0
LIBA2802 Business Math for Artists and Designers 3.0
Year II
ARTH1133 Historical Art and Design 3.0
CORE2291 Digital Design Lab I 3.0
INTE2100 Design Methodologies Studio 3.0
INTE2101 Materials and Furnishing 3.0
INTE2102 CADD 3.0
INTE2200 Residential Design Studio 3.0
INTE2201 Materials and Construction 3.0
LIBA2204 Introduction to Professional Writing 3.0
LIBA2676 Human Factors 3.0
LIBAXXXX Business Elective   3.0
Year III
CORE4666 SODA Professional Practice 3.0
CORE4851 Core Internship 3.0
INTE3100 Studio 3.0
INTE3101 Codes and Ethics 3.0
INTE3103 Digital Presentation 3.0
INTE3200 Retail Design Studio 3.0
INTE3201 Advanced CAD 3.0
ARTHXXXX Advanced Art History Elective   3.0
INTEXXXX Interior Design Elective   3.0
LIBAXXXX Literature Elective   3.0
Year IV
INTE3102 Lighting 3.0
INTE4100 Capstone Research Studio 3.0
INTE4200 Capstone Studio 3.0
LIBA1510 Introduction to Philosophy 3.0
LIBAXXXX Science Elective   3.0
LIBAXXXX Liberal Arts Elective   3.0
LIBAXXXX Liberal Arts Elective   3.0
Art/Design Elective   3.0
Art/Design Elective   3.0
Art/Design Elective   3.0
Total credit hours 120.0