Liberal Arts Courses

Looking for Liberal Arts electives?


Class not linked? It may not be offered this semester. Email your deparment head with questions.  

English as a Second Language 


CORE100X.02 International New Student Seminar
LIBA0281 Foundations of English Language: Art & Community
LIBA1281 College English Language For Art & Design
LIBA 3203 Presentation in Art & Design Culture
LIBA4081 /5081 ESL for the Art and Design Professional
GRNP5005.02/ARTH4104 Art Theory and Criticism ESL
GRNP5006.02 ESL Theory & Criticism Seminar

Business, Math & Entrepreneurship

LIBA2501 Math Quantitative Literacy
CORE2810 Intro to Programming for Visual Arts
LIBA2800 Fundamentals of Business Management & Entrepreneurship
LIBA2803 Finance & Marketing Tools for Artists and Designers
LIBA2804 Protecting Legal Rights for Artists & Designers
LIBA2805 Starting an Art and Design Business
LIBA2808 Marketing and Fundraising for the Arts
LIBA2809 Business of Brand Experience
LIBA3801 Design Management
LIBA3802 Arts Management
LIBA3803 Creative Leadership
LIBA3804 Emerging Art, Design & Business Seminar

Learning Pathways:  If you are thinking “There are a lot of courses, what business courses should I take?” here are some recommendations:

Business Minor: The department offers a Minor in Business for all our undergraduate students that requires completion of 15 total credit hours of coursework. The curriculum plan is as follows:

CourseCourse title Credits
CORE1030SOSA Studio Art & Entrepreneurship Choose one3
CORE1031SODA Collab. Across Design Arts3
LIBA2800Fundamentals of Business & EntrepreneurshipRequired3
LIBA2803Finance & Marketing Tools Choose 9 credit hours3
LIBA2804Protecting Legal Rights for Artists & Designers3
LIBA2805Starting an Art & Design Business3
LIBA2806Business of Art for Social Change3
LIBA2808Marketing & Fundraising for the Arts3
LIBA2809Business of Brand Experience3
LIBA3801Design Management3
LIBA3802Arts Management3
LIBA3803Creative Leadership3
LIBA3804Emerging Art, Design & Business Seminar 3
Total credit hours15

Writing, Literature & Philosophy

Creative Writing minor

CourseCourse title Credits
LIBA33/43**Any Advanced Lit

Choose 3.0 Credits

LIBA3320Readings in English Literature3
LIBA3330Film & Literature3
LIBA3304Literature Comics Graphic Novels3
LIBA3301Critical Reading Fairytales3
LIBA3265Writing Creative Nonfiction

Advanced Writing
Choose 6.0 Credits


LIBA3263Writing Fiction3
LIBA3264Writing Poetry3
LIBA3266Writing Young Adult Fiction3
LIBA4290Literary Pub. Botticelli I3
LIBA4260Advanced Creative Writing WorkshopChoose 3.0 Credits3
LIBA4251Advanced Screenwriting3
Creative Writing Total Credit Hours15

Copywriting minor 

CourseCourse title Credits
LIBA3265Writing Creative Nonfiction

Advanced Writing
Choose 3.0 Credits

LIBA3263Writing Fiction3
LIBA3264Writing Poetry3
ADVE2910Conceptual Copywriting and AD Dsn 3
LIBA4242Advanced Copywriting 3
LIBA4248Copywriting for New Media 3
Copywriting Minor Total Credit Hours15