Networking doesn't have to be just professional.

You have interests beyond what you're spending time on in the studio. Getting involved in CCAD student organizations is a great way to let those interests grow, meet people on and off campus and feel more at home here at CCAD. Our campus has an ever-changing number of student organizations that reflect a wide array of interests, including professional development, social gatherings, cultural connections, faith-based practices, and public service. By joining a student organization, you’ll have opportunities to improve your leadership skills, connect with faculty and staff members, and make a positive impact on campus. If you don’t see an organization that interests you, we'll help you start your own.

It's your campus. Make your voice heard.

CCAD’s Student Government Association is a group of elected students from all years and majors representing the voice of our student body. The association works to enhance your campus experience all year long and ensures that you'll have a ton of options for fun and learning outside the classroom. 


Student Engagement

To enrich your student experience, the Student Engagement & Inclusion Office oversees programming and events that facilitate cultural, academic, religious, social, and recreational opportunities. Students who get involved on campus are much more likely to be successful and enjoy college, and we want you to be one of them, so we’ll help you find your niche here right away. 

We have several student organizations that focus on a variety of topics such as academic programs and identity based causes. We also have organizations that focus on special interests topics, such as literature, video games, or physical activities. 

These are some of our signature Student Engagement & Inclusion events:

Welcome Week

Student Engagement Fair



Welcome Fest

Big Boo