Gweny Jin is an architect, designer, urbanist, and a maker of things and their space. Prior to joining CCAD, Jin was a full-time AICAD fellow in the Interiors department at Pratt Institute in New York. There, she taught core studios and her signature class, Family of Things, exploring the iterative process of making, drawing, and designing with students, the work of which was featured in Ebb & Flow on Pratt campus in 2023, an exhibition curated by Gweny, and featured in Prattfolio.

At CCAD, Jin has continued her exploration of iterative design through making as a collaborative process with students in the Interior Architecture & Design department and in First-Year Experience classes. As an educator, Jin is exploring new assignments and methods intended to guide students to investigate their own ideation and design process and to have them be part of contemporary discussions on making through projects that tackle furniture, lighting, space, and design in general.

Jin’s personal art and design practice explores the connection between individual emotions, collective memory, and the conversation with the built and architectural environment, investigating the essence of architectural space that is reflected on our interior. Chapters of works from her long-time project “Specific and Familiar” have been featured in exhibitions in Texas, in drawing competitions, in a residency project at Arts, Letters & Numbers in upstate New York, and in a solo exhibition (Specific & Familiar) and talk delivered by Jin at Pratt.

Before joining the academia, Jin worked for seven years in architectural and urban design, working for award winning design studios including Stern McCafferty Architects in Boston and 3SIX0 Architecture in Providence, Rhode Island. At the start of her career, Jin worked on the highly acclaimed book Cities Without Ground, which explored the typological urban forms of Hong Kong. The book project opened the door for her academic and professional experiences in urban design and her consideration of urban forms can connect back to the intimate scale of space and object making.

Jin earned a Master of Architecture degree from Rhode Island School of Design, where she was recipient of the AIA Henry Adams Medal for her graduating class. In addition, she earned a Master of Urban Design and Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of Hong Kong.