Kingsley Lims Nyarko, Assistant Professor and Chair of Film & Video, holds a multifaceted role within the program, taking a primary focus on nurturing diversity, equity, and inclusion across all aspects, from shaping curriculum to refining recruitment strategies. Nyarko is a filmmaker who also serves as an ambassador of sorts for the Film & Video program, actively engaging with local, national, and international communities to champion its endeavors and advocate for its core values.

Nyarko began at CCAD as an adjunct faculty member in January 2020 and then became a full-time assistant professor in fall 2021. In his current role, he continues to shape the curriculum and mentors students, resulting in the recognition of their work at highly regarded film festivals around the world. Nyarko earned a Master of Fine Arts with a specialization in Film Producing and Directing from Ohio University, where he collaborated extensively on sound design with esteemed industry professional John Butler, a member of the Cinema Audio Society. Nyarko’s career spans numerous international projects, including shorts and feature films, where his expertise in cinematography and understanding of the film production process shine through.

Nyarko is a city producer for the 48-Hour Film Project and holds positions on both the Gateway Foundation Advisory Board and the Film Columbus Advisory Board, where his insights and expertise contribute to shaping the direction and initiatives of these organizations, further extending his impact beyond academia.