Tamara Peyton, PhD moved to Columbus in 2022 to revamp CCAD’s existing Master of Professional Studies program (Retail Design) and launch a new MPS program (User Experience Design), both of which came to fruition in the following year.

Dr. Peyton believes that digital tools and systems are laden with values about how we see ourselves as human beings, and how we view our future health, wellness, and potential. As a qualitative UX researcher, design thinker, and ideation expert, she is invested in understanding how everyday people interact with each other in their favorite physical and digital environments and through their favorite brands and technologies. In her approach to teaching design, she advocates for a strong focus on both human needs and business impact when designing for both digital and physical products and services.

Prior to earning an interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy in Information Sciences & Technology (with a focus on human-computer interaction) from Pennsylvania State University, Dr. Peyton lived in Canada. There, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Concordia University in Montreal and Master of Arts in Sociology from Carleton University in Ottawa. Before switching careers to design education, she had a decade-long career in the young UX and dot-com industries, working as a business systems analyst, UX designer, and intranet services manager for major national and international corporations.