Presidential Commission on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

CCAD takes action to foster intentional inclusivity

In July 2020, the Presidential Commission on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) was formed to help CCAD grow with intention into a more inclusive and equitable institution that fully enacts its Mission and Core Values. CCAD acknowledges that systemic racism and inequality still exist within the college and makes an unwavering commitment towards becoming an educational community that respects and supports equally students, faculty, staff, and individuals of all backgrounds.

CCAD’s Presidential Commission on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion established a DEI Action Plan that will guide the work of addressing inequity and promoting intentionally inclusive communities and practices throughout the college.  Steps put in motion by the Commission including progress and outcomes towards the DEI Action Plan will be tracked here

DEI Action Plan



 Launch a diversity scholarship with the aim of bolstering support for historically underrepresented students.
 Enrollment Services  Complete
 Strengthen connections with Columbus City Schools and other central Ohio districts with large populations of students of color to diversify our enrollment pipeline.
 Institutional   Engagement In-Progress
 Develop targeted strategies and resources to help Black male students overcome common barriers and succeed.
 Student Affairs In-Progress
 Conduct Diversity, Equity & Inclusion campus climate surveys on a routine basis.
 Student Affairs and   Human Resources Complete
 Regularly update our community on our progress and create opportunities for engagement with alumni, students, and community partners.
 Institutional   Engagement In-Progress
 Diversify the Board of Trustees in terms of race, gender, and sexual orientation and commit to conducting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training with our trustees.
 President's Office In-Progress
 Implement targeted recruitment plans with the clearly articulated goal of hiring more faculty, staff, and administrators of color and hold hiring managers accountable for meeting goals.
 Human Resources and   Academic Affairs In-Progress
 Engage in regular anti-oppression pedagogy training for all faculty as well as general cultural competency training for all staff.
 Human Resources Complete
 Develop new curricular offerings focused on racial literacy and cultural studies as well as issues of justice and equity. Ensure that all students graduate with meaningful exposure to these issues.
 Academic Affairs In-Progress
 Reexamine and reshape our critique practices to ensure that they support all voices, experiences, and artistic practices, especially those of historically marginalized groups.
 Academic Affairs In-Progress
 Implement a Bias Incident Response Team to provide a centralized way for students to report concerns about bias incidents on campus and to ensure that appropriate campus leaders are aware and can take action. 
 Student Affairs and   Human Resources Complete
 Work with student government and student organization leaders to identify recurring opportunities for student voices to be heard and formalize additional occasions for student participation on various college committees.
 Student Affairs Not Started
 Work with our identity-based student organizations to increase support for their activities including meetings, events, and exhibitions
 Student Affairs Not Started
 Conduct a representation analysis of our guest speakers and public events to ensure that our educational experiences with outside artists and designers are reflective of our entire CCAD student body.
 Academic Affairs—   Graduate Studies Not Started