Spring Art Fair preview: Kaleigh Shrigley and One Six Five jewelry

Get to know some of the talented Columbus College of Art & Design students and alumni whose work will be available for purchase at the CCAD 2018 Spring Art Fair on Saturday, April 7. Find other entries in the series here, here, and here.

Fine Arts, Photo of Kaleigh Shrigley

Each piece of jewelry in One Six Five’s collection is hand made, formed, soldered, and buffed by designers Kaleigh Shrigley (Fine Arts, 2013) and Claire Lowe.

The pair works out of a charming Clintonville studio and shop that sells the One Six Five jewelry line, as well as paper goods, ceramics, and apothecary items, all made in the U.S.

The One Six Five brick and mortar location opened in 2016, two years after it launched. The brand’s infusion of a one-of-a-kind point of view with minimal design and quality precious materials has earned One Six Five a cult-like fan following in Columbus and beyond.

“I always aim to create minimal, jewelry with an offbeat twist,” Shrigley says. “It's familiar, but feels new. Bold, but comfortable. Simple, but statement making.”

Read more about Shrigley below, and follow One Six Five Jewelry on Instagram and Facebook.

Fine Arts, Photo of One Six Five Jewelry

Fine Arts, Photo of Kaleigh Shrigley's Work

Can you describe some pieces you'll be selling at the Spring Art Fair?

I will be bringing our SS18 collection! I'm especially excited about this collection because it incorporates a new acrylic material and allows us to inject some color into our pieces.


Do you have a favorite item you’ll be bringing to sell?

I will have quite a few bold statement earrings which are usually a hit among the CCAD audience. Big and bold while still remaining minimal. The kind of earrings that will complete your look!


Why do you participate in the CCAD Art Fair?

It is one of my favorite shows to be a part of! I think the people that come to the CCAD Art Fair are so eager to discover and support young talent. It seems that they are also very respectful of the time and craft that goes behind our work. I always feel right at home and feel as though I am surrounded by like-minded people.


How has your CCAD education influenced the work and shaped your entrepreneurial success?

CCAD taught me so many things but I think the most valuable of all of them is how to think critically and creatively. It's not something that I really considered as an important part of my education until receiving my degree and starting my own business. I realized that even though I didn't know much about how to start a business, I felt that I had the problem-solving skills and creativity to figure out pretty much any challenge that came with entrepreneurship.

Fine Arts, Photo of Kaleigh Shrigley at One Six Five Jewelry